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We do not ILL any of our AV collection and also do not check it out to
students. Professors can check it out and give it to the student if he
wants to take responsibility for it. Not may institutions loan AV
materials. We do not loan for many of the same reasons you are list. The
wear and tear on the materials is another consideration. Some of out
professors hit the roof when they heard it was being considered at our

At 12:18 PM 4/30/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>I'm new to this list, so if this has been brought up numerous times, I
>I am the selector of our video/dvd collection, which is heavily used by
>our faculty and students alike. Our students cannot check these items out
>of the library, they are for library use only. Faculty may check them out,
>generally for a 24 hour period, but we do make exceptions for them on a
>case by case basis. I only recently took over this collection, and I
>discovered that we have been ILL-ing some of our videos and dvds to one
>particular institution, and this distresses me greatly. I don't want to
>set a precedent, so other institutions start asking to borrow the
>collection as well. I have many objections, but I keep coming back to the
>fact that if we don't allow our students to take home these materials why
>would we allow people from other institutions to do that?
>Personally I would like to set a policy where we don't lend out our videos
>and dvds, due to their frequent use, among many other reasons, but my
>library director disagrees with that and thinks it is too strict of a
>policy. Anecdotally, I have heard that most institutions don't lend this
>kind of collection through ILL, but I was wondering if any of you on this
>list could give me some advice on the matter, ie how to change my
>director's mind, or if indeed most institutions don't lend their vids/dvds
>(or if I am completely wrong about that). Any advice on this matter would
>be greatly appreciated. If this has been discussed time and time again,
>please feel free to reply to me off-list.
>Thanks in advance!
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