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Thank you, Jessica - my education continues... :-)

Jessica Rosner wrote:

> Alas no easy answer but most feature films ARE Available for PPR you just
> have to figure out who owns it. PPR rights basically belong to the company
> that owns theatrical/non theatrical rights and this is often either A. Not
> the same as the company that released the home video or B. Sub-licensed by
> the company that owned the home video. In reality I would estimate that 95%
> of HOLLYWOOD feature films are owned either by SWANK ( and the company they
> own which I forget the name of) or Criterion in CHICAGO . It pretty much
> goes by STUDIO so Swank can handle Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal,
> Columbia, Miramax MGM/UA and many smaller companies. Criterion handles
> Fox/New Line Fine Line Artisian and a few others. New Yorker handles Sony
> Classics and a number of independent films and companies like Kino,
> Milestone, Zeitgeist own our own films A FEW OF WHICH are released on other
> video labels and Criterion/Janus handled most but by no many all of the
> classic titles on the Criterion home video label Basically most standard
> American Hollywood films are fairly easy to figure out PPR rights however
> many foreign & independent films are either very complex or not available. A
> few recent examples that crossed my desk, IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (
> distributed by Wellspring but they don't own PPR the French owners do) Any
> Chaplin feature except MODERN TIMES ( distributed by Warner Bros for home
> video but PPR is owned by French company MK2 , Mi Vida Sin Mi (2003)
> Directed by isabel coixet this is released by Sony Classics for like an
> increasing number of their titles is owned by NEITHER New Yorker or Swank so
> you would have to go to Sony DIRECTLY ( have fun)
> So again for the majority of standard feature American films it is not
> that hard to find but there will never be an easy way to track PPR on
> more difficult titles , just have to do research. I will say that
> this seems to have developed into one of my better skills and I keep
> a full rolodex of obscure rights holders for oddball films or contacts
> for overseas owners if you are so inclined. My office mate keeps telling
> me I should charge for my "services" but I don't mind so long as people
> have made a basic attempt to figure it out on their own
> Jessica
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> >> Michael Moore may indeed be advocating free showings, but the
> >> distribution company doesn't appear to agree since "Bowling for
> >> Columbine" is in Swank's catalog for purchasing public performance
> >> rights.
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