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Well, my honest opinion is that I'd rather not get into it here on the open

But let me try again, though I need to be out the door in 3 minutes.

You said "that" is your opinion. On which issue? That we should push back
or that there are no facts in this area?

My impression as a very NON-expert but as someone who's been on this list
for many years is that there are indeed LOTS of gray areas and very few
black & white ones...BUT that there ARE many very dark and very light
grays! :-) Seriously, my main concern is for those folks who don't know
much at ALL about copyright and who thus turn to this group to see if there
is an answer to their question or questions. We never seem to agree
totally here, but there are a few things [like, just because you have an
expensive VHS does *not* mean you have the right to make a DVD copy of it
"just in case"] upon which most members--including those I consider the
list experts--agree. To muddy the waters on those sorts of "routine"
questions is, imho, a problem.

You feel we should push back; others simply want to work within the system
as it exists and to keep their institution out of hot water. Is that a bad

Maybe we're talking about different things and I'm just not being
clear. If so, I apologize.


At 03:35 PM 4/28/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>That is my opinion. What's yours?
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>That we need to push is your opinion, Jed, and you're absolutely entitled
>to it. I'd just like to see things that are opinion stated as such. There
>are NO facts??
>At 11:51 AM 4/28/2004 -0400, you wrote:
> >Susan,
> >The fact is, there are no 'facts' when it comes to copyright until each
> >is resolved. This is why we need to 'push back' so the norm does not get
> >moved to the point where nothing is permitted without prior permission.
> >Jed
> >
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