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That is my opinion. What's yours?

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That we need to push is your opinion, Jed, and you're absolutely entitled
to it. I'd just like to see things that are opinion stated as such. There
are NO facts??


At 11:51 AM 4/28/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>The fact is, there are no 'facts' when it comes to copyright until each
>is resolved. This is why we need to 'push back' so the norm does not get
>moved to the point where nothing is permitted without prior permission.
>If I might just add my little $.02....
>I agree with you in principle, Troy, that this should be a place where
>discussion is encouraged. On the other hand, I think people making their
>points need to be careful how they state them. If, indeed, someone
>personally believes all information should be free...well...fine &
>dandy. But to put that out as "it's true" does, in fact, do a disservice
>to many of the list members who, as Gary pointed out, AREN'T copyright
>experts. How it *should* be, or what it would be like if each of *us* ran
>the show, would make for an interesting discussion. But when it comes to
>what is presented as factual, I think we need to be careful what is put
>forth, especially when the discussion began as a request for assistance in
>understanding the facts.

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