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Now Available through The Blackchair Collection:

Some Kind of Loving
A Joanie 4 Jackie Co-Star Compilation by Astria Suparak

Catalog No. MC-235
2003, 60 minutes – NTSC VHS ONLY - $15.00 or $50.00 with PPR.
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Some Kind of Loving is the third video compilation tape in Joanie 4
Jackie's "Co-Star" series. [Note: Joanie 4 Jackie was formerly Big
Miss Moviola.] Over the last four years New York-based experimental
movie curator Astria Suparak has arranged some of the most daring
multimedia events in the city, presenting them in spaces such as PS1
Contemporary Art Center and Anthology Film Archives. But what if you
don't live in New York? Joanie 4 Jackie knows that the best lady-made
film and video art belongs not only in a gallery, but also in the
bedrooms of girls all over America. So we asked Miss Suparak to put
together a tape just for Joanie 4 Jackie. Some Kind of Loving explores
sexuality from its formulation in childhood, through adolescence, and
into adulthood. Using low-grade video, super-8 and 16mm film, optical
printing, stop-motion animation and manipulated found-footage these
five art stars decode desire and the cultural codes for lust via
pornography, voyeurism, memories and fantasy.

Some Kind of Loving comes with a printed booklet containing the secret
thoughts and motivations of the artists.

Films and artists included:

1) Karen Yasinsky "No Place Like Home #1". Video. 5:00
2) Karen Yasinsky "No Place Like Home #2". Video. 6:00
In No Place Like Home #1 and #2 I began with Dorothy's red slippers.
They allowed her to live out a fantasy in which she was the center of
attention, strongly desired by forces both good and evil. She got to
live in a surreal world, was lovingly attended to by 3 middle-aged
men, she conquered evil and returned home safely. Questions arise.
What happened to Dorothy's parents and why did she lack friends her
own age? Strange.

3) Jane Gang "Fine Lines". Super-8 film. 5:00
"Repression breeds fine lines."
This is a basic "scratch" film- one of the ways in which film
celluloid has been physically worked on throughout the history of
experimental film. I cut in some ‘screaming holes¹ for a bit of visual
description/metaphor. The content is about child abuse-- parental
misuse of power and disregard for a very young person¹s healthy
development. As a result of continual abuse, whatever the form, all
areas of that child¹s life are negatively affected.

4) Jennifer Reeder "Lullaby". Video. 18:00
"Lullaby" is a hard tape. It is seductive and sad at the same time. I
remember Madonna in the early 1980’s. I was young (pre-teen). Her
music made me feel sexy before I knew what sexy was and moreover, her
music made me hopeful before I realized (as most do as they
approach/live through their teens and beyond) that the world is a very
difficult place. As an adult woman, I often emote as I did when I was
11. This tape is a gentle homage to that young girl. "Lullaby" reminds
me how perfectly beautiful and at the same time, perfectly mean life
can be.

5) Stephanie Barber "pornfilm". 16mm film. 6:00
"Pornfilm" is a short film about love and sex and the narratives of
each. A woman reads a brief story about an actor’s real life
marriages; failure and later ‘wedded bliss’. The reading is stiff,
awkward and stumbling. The images are of two actors having sex;
awkward, stumbling and with an investigatory band ping-ponging back
and forth, an incessant watching and exposing.

6) Peggy Ahwesh "Martina's Playhouse". Super-8 film. 20:00
Martina's Playhouse is my last Super 8mm film, made in 1989. I had
shot a lot with young Martina and her mother Diane over the years and
consider this film like the other Super 8s, a self-aware home movie
made with the complicity of the characters, knowingly shot from a
female-privileged perspective. The film is all improvisation and long-
take-- but with close friends who know what might be interesting or
how far they can push the envelope.

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