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Susan Albrecht (
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At 06:33 PM 4/27/2004 -0400, Troy Davis wrote:
>But to speak of misleading, it seems that to say "information wants to be
>free" is no more misleading than saying "if you do this you'll get sued
>and lose." In many ways the "information wants to be free" position seems
>a more correct interpretation of the constitutional premise of copyright.
>Jed's comments should be invited as one who seeks an understanding of
>copyright from the perspective of a certain "use" (personal,
>educational,etc..) just as Jessica's should be invited as one who seeks to
>express rights of entrepreneurial uses of copyrighted works.
>A balance of those uses and their implied rights is what copyright's all
>about. We should encourage a discussion of the "premises" of copyright.

If I might just add my little $.02....

I agree with you in principle, Troy, that this should be a place where
discussion is encouraged. On the other hand, I think people making their
points need to be careful how they state them. If, indeed, someone
personally believes all information should be free...well...fine &
dandy. But to put that out as "it's true" does, in fact, do a disservice
to many of the list members who, as Gary pointed out, AREN'T copyright
experts. How it *should* be, or what it would be like if each of *us* ran
the show, would make for an interesting discussion. But when it comes to
what is presented as factual, I think we need to be careful what is put
forth, especially when the discussion began as a request for assistance in
understanding the facts.


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