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> Subject: [Videolib] PPR rights
> There's a catalog for such PPR's ? This is one aspect of video librarianship
> that has always confused me - the tape box usually says who distributed it,
> but if this is not usually the same person/company who holds the rights, how
> do you all determine who to contact? Or *is* it usually the distributor? If
> there are catalogs, where do I get them? Also, I hear (I think) Jessica say
> that PPR is almost always NOT available for feature films - but it *is*
> available for "Bowling"? Why? It's a documentary?
> Man, I've been doing this almost three years, and I still have questions
> almost *every* day....That's a good thing, it means I'm still challenged...
> **smile** (heh heh, just saw Barbara's typo...)
> :-) -jen
> "Bergman, Barbara J" wrote:

Alas no easy answer but most feature films ARE Available for PPR you just
have to figure out who owns it. PPR rights basically belong to the company
that owns theatrical/non theatrical rights and this is often either A. Not
the same as the company that released the home video or B. Sub-licensed by
the company that owned the home video. In reality I would estimate that 95%
of HOLLYWOOD feature films are owned either by SWANK ( and the company they
own which I forget the name of) or Criterion in CHICAGO . It pretty much
goes by STUDIO so Swank can handle Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal,
Columbia, Miramax MGM/UA and many smaller companies. Criterion handles
Fox/New Line Fine Line Artisian and a few others. New Yorker handles Sony
Classics and a number of independent films and companies like Kino,
Milestone, Zeitgeist own our own films A FEW OF WHICH are released on other
video labels and Criterion/Janus handled most but by no many all of the
classic titles on the Criterion home video label Basically most standard
American Hollywood films are fairly easy to figure out PPR rights however
many foreign & independent films are either very complex or not available. A
few recent examples that crossed my desk, IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (
distributed by Wellspring but they don't own PPR the French owners do) Any
Chaplin feature except MODERN TIMES ( distributed by Warner Bros for home
video but PPR is owned by French company MK2 , Mi Vida Sin Mi (2003)
Directed by isabel coixet this is released by Sony Classics for like an
increasing number of their titles is owned by NEITHER New Yorker or Swank so
you would have to go to Sony DIRECTLY ( have fun)

So again for the majority of standard feature American films it is not
that hard to find but there will never be an easy way to track PPR on
more difficult titles , just have to do research. I will say that
this seems to have developed into one of my better skills and I keep
a full rolodex of obscure rights holders for oddball films or contacts
for overseas owners if you are so inclined. My office mate keeps telling
me I should charge for my "services" but I don't mind so long as people
have made a basic attempt to figure it out on their own


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