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Jennifer Stutesman (jennifer.stutesman@wwcc.edu)
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 16:33:19 -0700

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There's a catalog for such PPR's ? This is one aspect of video librarianship
that has always confused me - the tape box usually says who distributed it,
but if this is not usually the same person/company who holds the rights, how
do you all determine who to contact? Or *is* it usually the distributor? If
there are catalogs, where do I get them? Also, I hear (I think) Jessica say
that PPR is almost always NOT available for feature films - but it *is*
available for "Bowling"? Why? It's a documentary?

Man, I've been doing this almost three years, and I still have questions
almost *every* day....That's a good thing, it means I'm still challenged...
**smile** (heh heh, just saw Barbara's typo...)
:-) -jen

"Bergman, Barbara J" wrote:

> Yes, this would be a pubic performance.
> Michael Moore may indeed be advocating free showings, but the
> distribution company doesn't appear to agree since "Bowling for
> Columbine" is in Swank's catalog for purchasing public performance
> rights.
> Is there a "Contact Us" link on the website?
> Barb Bergman
> Media Services Librarian
> Minnesota State University-Mankato

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