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(i) The rights of reproduction and distribution under this section do not apply to a musical work, a pictorial, graphic or sculptural work, or a motion picture or other audiovisual work other than an audiovisual work dealing with news, except that no such limitation shall apply with respect to rights granted by subsections (b) and (c), or with respect to pictorial or graphic works published as illustrations, diagrams, or similar adjuncts to works of which copies are reproduced or distributed in accordance with subsections (d) and (e).
So does this mean libraries have no rights to reproduce motion pictures at all, only "phonorecords".

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Well I asked my copyright expert ( who is a specialist in this but I won't
mention his name) to comment on this issue and this is what I got

They are referring to section 108 of the US copyright law.

When you read this, you see that it seems to cover
the copying of damaged materials... except that in
subsection (i), it excludes motion pictures.

He is correct. He had always told me that this section was
meant to refer to ONLY to audio recordings but I never understood that

Kind of puts this in a whole new light

Comments anyone ?

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