[Videolib] DVD theft

Tatar, Becky (bltata@aurora.lib.il.us)
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 11:19:48 -0500

Well, we think we caught one of the guys who probably swiped about 300 of
our DVDs. The only problem is that we won't be able to do anything, since
the discs do not have any ownership info on them. I pulled up the info in
the archives on using markers. My question is, without looking at all 1000
of our discs, is this. Is there a empty space around the center to put a
donut label, or write with marker on all DVDs - whether single sided or
double sided? I know that the single sided ones will not be a problem in
labeling, but I don't know about the double sided ones. As you probably
have guessed, I don't have a DVD player. Sorry for a stupid question.

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