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Intense Soldierly Homecomings:

Best years of our lives
Deer Hunter
Coming Home
Born on the Fourth of July
Jacob's Ladder

At 03:17 PM 4/20/2004, you wrote:
>The folllowing request is from a college student. Any ideas?
>--Okay, the movie I'm thinking of focuses on a group of American soldiers
>returned from WWII back to hometown life somewhere in the midwest/great lakes
>(I'm thinking Michigan or Wisconson). They're restless and have a hard time
>adjusting back to everyday life. They end up joining together and initating a
>movement in their local town for some cause, but I don't remember what. I
>think the film came out in the mid 90's; I don't remember any major
>actors/actresses in it.
>Even if I don't find this film, I'm simply looking for a situation where
>someone, like a soldier, has been away from home and has some kind of intense
>or dramatic experience. Then they return home and have to deal with the
>challenges of readjusting back into their original environment. Even if you
>can think of anything along these lines...
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