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Tova Aragon (tovaarag@hotmail.com)
Tue, 20 Apr 2004 22:17:51 +0000

The folllowing request is from a college student. Any ideas?

--Okay, the movie I'm thinking of focuses on a group of American soldiers
returned from WWII back to hometown life somewhere in the midwest/great
(I'm thinking Michigan or Wisconson). They're restless and have a hard time
adjusting back to everyday life. They end up joining together and initating
movement in their local town for some cause, but I don't remember what. I
think the film came out in the mid 90's; I don't remember any major
actors/actresses in it.

Even if I don't find this film, I'm simply looking for a situation where
someone, like a soldier, has been away from home and has some kind of
or dramatic experience. Then they return home and have to deal with the
challenges of readjusting back into their original environment. Even if you
can think of anything along these lines...


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