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Thanks Susan, but the link you provide is for supplementary material for
the series "Machine That Changed the World." An excellent series
which--alas!--seems to no longer be in distribution thru either WGBH/PBS or
Films for the Humanities. Might be worthwhile for Bev and others
interested to contact FHS ( to see if there's any chance it's
still around.


At 10:50 AM 4/14/2004, you wrote:
>Bev: For history of computers, the series co-produced by WGBH and BBC is
>first-rate. One source is:
>At 07:08 AM 2004-04-09, you wrote:
>>I have an account who is looking for videos on the evolution of
>>computers. She also wants the title BELOVED. Anyone have any ideas
>>where to find these videos or dvds? Thanks for your help.
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