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Joel S. Bachar (joel@microcinema.com)
Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:18:22 -0600

The complete Zbig Rybczynski DVD collection now available from the
Blackchair DVD Collection!

For the very first time selected films and videos by internationally
acclaimed experimental video and filmmaker, are available on DVD.

Zbig Rybczynski (pronounced Rib-CHIN-ski) was born in Poland in 1949
and has been working as a film director in Europe and the United
States since the early 1970s. His work has received many prestigious
industry awards in the United States, Japan and Europe. The awards
include an Academy Award® in 1983 for "Tango", an Emmy® in Special
Effects in 1990 for "The Orchestra", the Prix Italia, the Golden Gate
Award in San Francisco and awards at the Electronic Cinema Festival
Tokyo/Montreaux. Numerous other awards include MTV, American Video
Awards, Monitor Awards and the Billboard Music Video Awards. Zbig also
has a distinguished academic career - he was a teacher at the Film
School in Lodz, Poland (cinematography), at Columbia University, NY
(electronic filmmaking) and a professor of experimental film at the
Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Germany. He currently lives in Los
Angeles, where he works for the Ultimatte Corporation, world’s
recognized leader in blue/green screen compositing technology for film
and TV, as a member of their R&D team and runs his own company - Zbig
Vision Ltd.

The complete Zbig Rybczynski DVD collection features:

Part I: MEDIA – short film and video collection
Total Running Time: 72 minutes
Educational Price with PPR: $70.00
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1. Kwadrat (Square)
Poland, 1972, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:03:36
2. Plamuz
Poland, 1973, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:09:38
3. Nowa Ksiazka (New Book)
Poland, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:10:25
4. Zupa (Soup)
Poland, 1974, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:08:22
5. Oj! Nie moge sie zatrzymac! (Oh! I can't stop!)
Poland, 1976, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:10:07
6. Swieto (Holiday)
Poland, 1975, 35MM, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:10:27
7. Weg zum Nachbarn (The way to your Neighbor)
Poland, 1976, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:02:30
8. Mein Fenster (My Window)
Poland, 1979, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:02:26
9. Media
Poland, 1980, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:01:35
10. Tango
Poland, 1980, 35mm, Color, Optical Stereo, 00:08:10

(based on the "Odessa Steps" sequence of
Sergei Eisenstein's classic "Battleship Potemkin")
"Best Video Program"
Rio International Film Festival 1987

"Best Director"
Entertainment Specials, ITS Monitor Awards 1987

It also includes:
Zbig's favored

Total Running Time: 57 minutes
Educational Price with PPR: $70.00
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(it also includes "Stairway to Lenin")

- "Outstanding Achievement in Special Effects" 1990
"Prix Italia"
"Grand Prix"
International Electronic Cinema Festival, Tokyo-Montreux 1990
"Grand Prix"
A.V.A. Festival in Tokyo 1991
"Hi Vision Award"
Tokyo 1990

It also includes:
ZBIG CHEF D'ORCHESTRE (Making of The Orchestra)
directed by Pierre Oscar Levy - a program produced for Canal+ of

Total Running Time: 82 minutes
Educational Price with PPR: $70.00
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