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Joel S. Bachar (joel@microcinema.com)
Mon, 12 Apr 2004 16:12:34 -0600

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April 12, 2004

Now Available from the Blackchair DVD Collection – 10 Titles Released
by Film Threat DVD

Microcinema International announced today that 10 titles released on
the Film Threat DVD label will be featured in Microcinema
International’s Blackchair DVD Collection. “We are proud to be able
to offer these titles through our online DVD store,” said Joel S.
Bachar, Creative Director of Microcinema International, “Film Threat’s
superior brand-recognition and film releases add significant value to
our ever-increasing catalog of DVDs we are selling to the consumer

The Film Threat DVD titles now available through the Blackchair DVD
Collection include:
1. “April is My Religion” - Jack didn't come to college to make
friends, fall in love or experiment with drugs. When the bookish
freshman falls in with a group of upper-classmen, they soon walk Jack
through his first hangover, bong hit and LSD trip. But the real danger
lies in the enigmatic April.
2. “Agent 15” - Combine Austin Powers and James Bond, then throw
in a sexy female super spy and you've got Agent 15!
3. “Jar Jar: The F! True Hollywood Story” - Jar Jar Exposed!
Women loved him. Men wanted to be him. But behind the glamour and the
fame, there lived a dark side that tragedy would soon expose. Was it
the money? Was it the drugs? Was it the hype? Everything is revealed
in Jar Jar Binks: The F! True Hollywood Story.
4. “Frontier” – In the name of our homeland Bulbovia, we will
conquer all those who oppose us! Based on the surrealist novel Froktog
by famed author Mulnar Tysthat, FRONTIER is an epic saga set against
the aftermath of the Kornsthog Revolution.
5. “Brainwarp” - Brainwarp, the world's stupidest Super Villain,
needs to make his rent this month. Can Brainwarp dupe the Legion of
Rude People into helping him get this vital cash?
6. “Joyful Partaking” - A darkly comic Altmanesque look at a day
in the life of a suburban American neigborhood, Joyful Partaking
reveals how seemingly small acts of kindness or carelessness can
change a life forever.
7. “Hacks” - Stand-up comedy never tasted so bad.
8. “Getting out of Rhode Island” – From one director’s living
room comes your smalltown Hollywood nightmare! You’re invited to the
party for hometown Hollywood dreamers that gets recklessly out of
9. “Ligeia” – A love story about marriage and murder.
10. “The Removers” - If you've ever wondered what Sid & Marty
Krofft Shows of the 1970s would be like if they were made for adults,
than look no further than the bizarre vision that is The Removers!

For more details on these and other titles available through the
Blackchair DVD Collection, please visit: www.microcinema.com

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