Re: [Videolib] DVD storage & shelving

Karen Fischer (
09 Apr 2004 13:26:40 GMT

We discontinued using the Alpha security cases a couple months ago--all it
took was a screwdriver or other thin, sturdy device and a few minutes in a
remote corner or a stall in the restroom and off pops the security case. We
were frequently finding empty DVD cases and destroyed security cases in the
restroom trash cans and the remote corners of the book stacks. Right now
we're using Secure Case cases and clips. I know some people have experienced
problems with these, but so far our experience has been pretty good.
Karen Fischer
AV Librarian
Mansfield Richland County Public Library
Mansfield, OH,Internet writes:
Due to incredibly high theft rates - even with security cases, we are
probably going to go to some form of double shelving for our dvds. If
anyone has any successful methods, just e-mail me. I am just sick about
this., but people are walking out the door, and I don't think I am going to
be able to push for a trial on targeting the sleeves of the cases. As far
as people not being able to open those Alpha cases easily, well, humph.
People have been bringing in jimmied security cases they have found in the
planters downtown. Thanks in advance.

Becky Tatar
Unit Head, Periodicals, Audiovisual
Aurora Public Library
1 E. Benton Street
Aurora, IL 60505
PHONE: 630-264-4100
FAX: 630-896-3209

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