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New DVD Release: Spotworks – The Evolution of Visuals

The Blackchair DVD Collection recommends:

SPOTWORKS – The Evolution of Visuals by Scott Draves – only US$15.00
(with Public Performance Rights)

Experience 87 minutes of hypnotic retinal bliss by San Francisco VJ
and software artist Spot a.k.a. Scott Draves. Five video tracks sync
with electronic music by jhno, Spool, dj vordo, and mbb. Three more
tracks sync with music by techno-violin sensation Kenji Williams (ABA
Structure), including an original track not released elsewhere. See
three unique and original styles: Dub Visuals, Electric Sheep, and
Bomb, each with a documentary explanation. Includes looping tracks
with solid backgrounds for use by VJs.

The video is copyright 2004 by Scott Draves and is distributed under
the attribution share-alike license from the Creative Commons. You are
permitted to show it publicly and commercially. Each track of music is
copyright by its creator and is distributed all rights reserved,
except the Best of 2002 soundtrack by Maribeth Back, which is also
under the attribution share-alike license.


”With the spiked eye candy and fractal arabesques of Spotworks, Scott
Draves has significantly raised the bar on digital psychedelia and the
broader category of abstract animation. His electric sheep are the
fluttering Gaian spawn of networked computers and genetic algorithms,
while his visual 'dubs' of Ernst Haeckel's fin-de-siecle scientific
lithographs add a resonant historical dimension to trippy visuals.
Mind-melting stuff, and refreshingly devoid of the usual fungal
Erik Davis, author of Techgnosis and contributing writer to Wired

”This isn't just trippy wallpaper -- it's not even just art. This is
garage-band artificial life. Draves is cooking up a new species made
of code, decisions and cooperation, and this disc is a petri dish
swimming with the organisms that deserve to succeed us here on Earth.
I for one welcome our new a-life masters.”
Cory Doctorow, author of Eastern Standard Tribe and co-editor of Boing

Works include:
1. kunstformen der nature black dub: based on Ernst Haeckel's
19th century lithographs, the
"black dub" is a journey through a zoo of fantastic organic forms.
This track has a solid background and loops seamlessly for VJ use.
2. kunstformen der nature white dub: The twin of the black dub
but with a white background and
more colorful imagery.
3. kunstformen der nature 2x2 mix: a remix session of the black
and white dub tracks,
primarily based on fractal feedback made with the "2x2 multi" effect
of the V4 mixer.
4. arabesques: worlds within worlds dub: a visual dub made from
historic Islamic arabesques from
morocco and andalucia. the structure of the animation is based on the
history (and future) of our universe.
5. dub visuals documentary: a documentary explaining the history
and concepts of the "dub visuals" tracks 1,2, and 4.
6. electric sheep: best of 2002: a continuously morphing sequence
of "electric sheep", each one with its own genetic code and created by
a distributed evolutionary algorithm run on screen-savers all over the
world. This track has a solid background and loops seamlessly for VJ
7. death & rain: a remix of the electric sheep by kenji williams
set to his own music from the "faces of epiphany" album.
8. believeth: a remix of electric sheep to jhno's music.
9. sheepumentary: technical, conceptual, and artistic documentary
about the electric sheep screen-saver.
10. understand: made with the realtime visual musical
instrument "bomb", a custom algorithmic sound-responsive synthesizer
based on artificial life.
11. inside the bomb: a documentary about "bomb".

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