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> Hi all,
> Talking about anti-commie movies reminds me of a movie that i was told
> about by a professor. Supposedly a pro Russia movie from WWII was given
> a new narration later to make it anti-commie, so images in the first of
> patriotic women working to support the war effort in Russia, were later
> dubbed to make it seem like the women were forced to work in the fields
> for their communist oppressors. Does this sound familiar, if so what
> was it called, both the first and the second movie. Thanks
> jhs

Not aware of that one but the film NORTH STAR which was one of those
Russian Peasants as heros of WW2 was recut as was a a film called COUNTER
ATTACK for the same reason. They were not to the best of my knowledge
turned into "anti communist " films but they cut out pretty much any
pro Soviet references in the films
And to digress to my favorite story of the old blacklisting anti communist
hysteria. Someone reported overhearing a conversation between two people
regarding the HUAC testimony of the Actor Robert Taylor who was VERY
conservative politically ( despite being a closet homosexual).
One said " I am NEVER going to see a Robert Taylor film again. I don't want
to support communists" The other responded "but Robert Taylor is an ANTI
Communist" The first person responded " I don't care WHAT KIND of Communist
he is , I am not going to support him by seeing his movies"

At least you can laugh at something from that era

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