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Capra made lots of anti- films (anti-Nazi, anti-Japanese) but I don't
believe he slammed the commies, directly, at least (Deeds, Smith, and
others are strongly pro-American, pro-democracy, but not overtly

This isn't to say that Capra was any way a fellow traveller: he was hauled
before HUAC, but the whole matter seems to have been summarily dropped
(rumors are that ol' Frank willingly named names. Joseph McBride in his
book "Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success," writes that "Hollywood's
ultimate populist was actually a lifelong Republican and anti-Communist who
voted against FDR, hung a painting of Mussolini in his bedroom and was an
FBI informer during the McCarthy era. " (see

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>Dear Glenda:
>Remember that great anti-commie doc by Frank Capra?
>Folks--what's the name of it--my memory is not what it used to be...
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