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This program was pulled from release. The entire series, Disappearing World was
produced by Granada TV,over more than a decade.
However this one program, Some Women of Marrakech offended the Muslim community
because there was a scene where the women were in a communal shower & were
not covered.
As a consequence, the 53 minute program was edited down to 25 minutes
and this was produced by the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, The University
of Texas at Austin. The title was changed to, Saints and Spirits. There is
no date
on this production, we looked.

I hope this provides you with some better info. to find the program.

At 10:13 AM 2004-03-31, you wrote:
> I have been asked where to purchase a video called Women of
> Marrakech. I think the title is actually Some Women of Marrakech, a film
> that was featured in the PBS series Odyssey in 1981. I have not been
> able to find it listed anywhere; does anyone know whether this film is
> still available?
> Thank you,
> Darla Moore
> Rollins College

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