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Dwight Diller’s Feature Length Film to Debut in Opera House

“The Fifth String,” an 81-minute feature length film starring Dwight
Diller and John Morris, will debut at the Opera House Saturday March 20
at 7 pm. The film was shot in several locations in Pocahontas County,
Clay County, and at Jackson’s Mill.

This film was first released two weeks ago at the Santa Monica film
festival. During the next year the distributor will be promoting the
work at various film festivals and outlet venues. The film was written,
produced, and directed by native-born Diller and Morris. “The Fifth
String” tells the story of two middle-aged West Virginia brothers; one
who had stayed home in the country while the other had moved off to
establish his career in a large city. Both lives change when their paths
meet up again.

Several of the scenes were shot in Pocahontas County, including settings
at the Old Log Church; Moore’s Cabins on Jericho Road; the Marlinton
Presbyterian Church; the Marlinton home of Wilma Wilson and Jamie Wilson
Pitze; places in the Huntersville and Beaver Creek area; the county
jail; the high school; and the radio station. A number of local people
are included, including some of Pam Lund’s youthful students, several of
local law enforcement deputies, Woody Schoolcraft, and others.

About 20 old-time banjo and fiddle tunes are worked into the film, some
in the script with others in the background. Local guitarist Larry
Combs accompanies Diller and Morris on some of the music.

Diller, a native and resident of Pocahontas County, has been traveling
extensively throughout the United States and other countries giving
workshops, performances, and lessons in the Old Time Mountain Music
genre. He is internationally acclaimed as one of the top performers on
claw hammer banjo. Diller also plays fiddle and sings. Diller is
furthermore a noted archivist whose recordings of the Hammons family of
Pocahontas County are in the Smithsonian Institute.

John Morris is a Clay County fiddler. In the early 70’s he and his
brother Dave were at the forefront of the old-timey music revival,
hosting the Morris Family Old-Time Music Festival that drew people from
all over the United States

Before showing “The Fifth String, ” Diller will play a few tunes and
explain some of the background of the film and its production. The
program will last less than two hours. Admission is free. Light
refreshments will be available. Donations will be accepted for the
Opera House fund. Diller will have music CDs and instructional videos
available, however “The Fifth String” is not yet out for home market.

This event is sponsored by Pocahontas County Free Libraries as a
continuation of its “To Know Ourselves” project to build understanding
and appreciation of Appalachian culture.

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