Re: [Videolib] Theft of dvds

Renee Zurn (
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:27:45 -0600

Before we started our dvd collection, our library director had heard
about theft problems in other MN libraries that already had a dvd
collection. We heard estimates of 50% to 80% of a collection stolen.
We therefore decided to store the actual disc behind the Circulation
counter and have only empty cases on the shelves. We use a cd hanging
file container from Demco. Our main loses with dvds are items that are
not returned. I did have a few empty cases stolen but they showed up a
few weeks later. Hope this helps.

Renee Zurn
Duluth Public Library
Duluth MN 55702

>>> 03/29/04 08:51AM >>>
How do you handle theft of dvds? Has anyone done a study to see how
of their inventory is missing? How much is too much? We are a public
library with over 2,000 dvds and "shrinkage" has become a major


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