[Videolib] Scarlet Woman

Beth Marhanka (marhankb@georgetown.edu)
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 17:02:16 -0500

Is anyone familiar with the company, Video Duplicating Services, Inc. in
Little Rock? My library has a VHS copy of Evelyn Waugh's /The scarlet
woman*: *
//an ecclesiastical melodrama/ but it was copied at 17 frames per second
and the original was filmed at 21 frames per second. The publication
information in OCLC lists Video Duplicating Services, Inc. in Little
Rock, but I've been unable to track this company down.

I want a copy of the original film both for our collection and for the
literary executrix of the Waugh estate, his daughter.

I also found a site that indicates that Cow Hill Press sells copies of
the film and am still trying to track down contact info for this company
to see if they have the original 16 mm or a better copy than we have.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Beth Campolieto Marhanka
Head, Gelardin New Media Center

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