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At last year's Telluride Film Festival I saw a digital print of Jean
Renoir's "French Cancan." It was spectacular! The colors were truly
amazing. There was an incredibly expensive and complex digital
projection system in the theatre for the screening, which we were able
to see after the show. I'm not up on all the technology (and my
information from Telluride is at home) but I believe that a digital
projection of the digital video is what makes it so much different.

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I just saw Dogville. Then, I read that it was shot in digital video!!!!

I guess I cannot go on forever about the superiority of the celluloid
image as opposed to
the digitial image.

I did not even suspect a difference. Is there something I should have
looked for to smell
out the digitization?

Please do tell. I am totally humbled.

Thanks, folks
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