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We're a smaller public library (currently we have about 400-450 DVDs),
and about a year ago we had a problem with theft. At the time, we
shelved the DVD discs in their regular cases, in the stacks, with a #M
security strip on the case itself. Well, a couple of patrons realized
they could take the disc out and leave the case on the shelf and not set
off the alarm. We lost between 10-15 before someone noticed an empty
case on the shelf.

We looked into the 3M hub markers, but heard that many libraries which
tried using them had poor results - plus they are quite expensive.
Also, we couldn't justify the additional cost (upwards of $5 per DVD)
for security cases. We decided to store the DVD discs themselves behind
the circulation desk (we use "flip bridges" from, but
binders or other trays would work just as well). This way, the patrons
do not have physical access to the discs themselves until after they
check out. This also eliminates the possibility of damage to discs
while patrons are browsing them on the shelves.

I believe in the past year since we implemented this procedure, we have
only had one disc actually go missing.

Hope that helps!

Benjamin D. Sprague
Circulation Supervisor /
Technology Services
Ripon Public Library

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How do you handle theft of dvds? Has anyone done a study to see how much
of their inventory is missing? How much is too much? We are a public
library with over 2,000 dvds and "shrinkage" has become a major problem.


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