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Thu, 25 Mar 2004 18:45:56 +0100

Dear Marilyn,

not quite what you want (without PPR and region code 2) but better than
nothing (and in a way more than your French professors might expect).

Producer and director Marin Karmitz (MK2) has published a first class
box of his films on DVD in France last year(in French with English

Coffret Marin Karmitz 4 DVD : Coup pour coup / Camarades / Sept jours
ailleurs / Nuit noire, Calcutta

Included is the classic documentary short "La reprise du travail aux
usines Wonder" (not to be missed!)

On the discs are bonus films as follows (from the site):
• Les préfaces de Serge Kaganski
• "Citroën Naterre, mai-juin 1968, chronique d'une grève" d'Edouard
Hayem (65 min)
• "La reprise du travail aux usines Wonder" de Jacques Willemont (10
• "Le conflit Lip 1973-1974" de Dominique Dubosc
• Le journal du tournage de "Coup pour coup", document exclusif commenté
par Martin Karmitz (121 min)
• "Les idoles", court-métrage documentaire inédit de Martin Karmitz (9
• Les entretiens avec Martin Karmitz, Serge July, Louis Joinet, Olivier
Rolin, Catherine Martin, Yann Giquel

The DVD box is a great help to study the historical background of that
time in France.

The 28th of April Karmitz will publish a 2 disc special edition of "Coup
pour Coup" (in French with English subtitles) with even more bonus

DVD 1:
• Le film (1h26)
• La préface de Serge Kaganski (3')
• Marin Karmitz parle de la sortie de "Coup pour coup" (7 min)
• L'interview de Serge July, directeur de Libération (25 min)
• L'interview de Louis Joinet, avocat général à la Cour de cassation de
Paris (15 min)
• L'interview d'Olivier Rolin, écrivain (dirigeant de la Gauche
Prolétarienne à l'époque de la sortie du film) (20 min)
• La bande-annonce du film

DVD 2:
• Le journal du tournage de "Coup pour coup", commenté par Marin Karmitz
(121 min)
• "Le conflit Lip 1973-1974" de Dominique Dubosc (63 min)
• La présentation de Dominique Dubosc (10 min)

"La Chinoise" is available on DVD from Cinefil Imagica in Japan (in
French without English subtitles, NTSC, but region code 2) via this mail
order shop

For all the discs mentioned here you need a multi region DVD-player. The
discs from France are in PAL. So you need a multinorm DVD-player.

with kind regards
Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin

Marilyn Huntley schrieb:
> One of our French professors has asked me to help her find sources for
> several films. Her first preference would be to show them with public
> performance licensing, but failing that, is there a video or DVD (with
> subtitles) available for purchase in the U.S.?
> Coup Pour Coup - director Marin Karmitz
> Camarades - director Marin Karmitz
> La Chinoise - director Jean-Luc Godard (I found some of his films at New
> Yorker, but not this one).
> Any information you can provide would be much appreciated, even if what you
> have to say is that the movie isn't available here. Thanks in advance.
> Marilyn Huntley
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