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Joel S. Bachar (joel@microcinema.com)
Thu, 25 Mar 2004 10:12:08 -0700

Microcinema's BLACKCHAIR DVD COLLECTION - New DVD Releases #1

25 march 2004

The Blackchair DVD Collection Releases Academy Award Nominee, Sam
Green's THE Rainbow Man/John 3:16 from the Other Cinema DVD label.

Just in time for the Academy Awards®, the Blackchair DVD Collection
proudly announces today's release of THE RAINBOW MAN from Academy
Award® nominee and San Francisco filmmaker, Sam Green, (Best

Millions of Americans have seen Rollen Frederick Stewart,
a.k.a. "Rainbow Man", who achieved notoriety during the late 70's by
appearing in the crowd at thousands of televised sporting events
wearing his trademark rainbow-colored afro wig. Later - after he
became a born-again Christian - he added a sign reading "John 3:16".
Over the years, grabbing the attention of the media became an
obsession for Stewart. He abandoned his home and marriage to roam the
country living out of his car, studying TV Guide each week in a never-
ending quest to stay televised.

"More than an exploration of life, THE RAINBOW MAN is a parable about
alienation, the media, and the meaninglessness that often defines
American life." - Trevor Groth, Sundance Film Festival.

As a special bonus, the DVD offers three short works from Sam Green.
PIE FIGHT '69 (co-directed with Christian Bruno) unearths lost footage
of the notorious "pie fight" incident at the 1969 San Francisco Film
Festival. Two dozen costumed radicals descend on the fancy black tie &
red carpet festival with one fully laden pie truck, and six cameras,
in order to wreak havoc. Co-directed with Sarah Jacobson, THE FABULOUS
STAINS: BEHIND THE MOVIE revisits the checkered film history of a
clumsy, cursed Hollywood effort (Lou Adler's LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE
FABULOUS STAINS) to capitalize on the rising visibility of girl power
in the punk movement. Also included is Sam's latest film, N JUDAH
5:30, "a sexy San Francisco train ride".


Rubicon by Simon Tarr
There was the spark. There was the watcher. There was the keeper.
There was the destroyer.

In his much anticipated first feature-length motion picture, award
winning filmmaker Simon Tarr paints a stunning, sweeping technohistory
of the human race from birth to obsolescence. Sacred geometry and
ominous CGI intertwine with a retelling of the story of Noah to
illuminate the illusion of authority and the nature of autonomy in the
contemporary digital sphere. Video tracks color and BW, audio and
subtitle tracks non-lingual with English elements. Region 0 (all), 24p
NTSC, Dolby Digital Stereo, anamorphic enhanced widescreen. 2003, 82


Also available from Simon Tarr: Spy in the House of Ludd

onedotzero_select dvd2
The World's Largest Dedicated Digital Film Festival Launches New Title
in DVD Series Title.

onedotzero, the events and production company which pioneers
development in digital film and moving image, releases its second
collection of shorts on its own onedotzero label. The DVD series
brings together the world's best and most innovative talent in
filmmaking, music video, motion graphics and club visuals. Featuring a
collection of rare gems and recent masterpieces along with award
winning short films from the recent onedotzero7 2003 film festival,
the DVD includes exclusive shorts by Slinky Pictures, Johnny Hardstaff
and Ed Holdsworth, and featuring music by Black Strobe (Output),
Lambchop and Legowelt (Ghostly). Already established at the forefront
of digital film through its internationally renowned annual festival
and its notable Channel 4 television series, onedottv, onedotzero is
highly regarded across the globe by directors, animators and designers
as being at the forefront of future film. In recognition of this,
onedotzero was named by Screen International as on
e of the Top Ten visionary's in UK film, breaking new ground along
with Mike Figgis, Tony and Ridley Scott and Lynne Ramsey. The DVD
series marks seven years of innovation from onedotzero, confirming its
position as the authoritative organisation championing the work of the
next generation of directors.


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Other Recent Releases

Free Speech Zone by Kasumi
30 Second Bush Extended Play
Maxi (November 2004) Single

C-SPAN and the congressional 9/11 hearings find you screaming at the
telly? Well this is for you.

What began as a 30 second project for move-on.org has become an 18
minute un-abridged monumental catharsis. A fusion of multi-layered
polyphonic sampling, heavy, relentless beats, and scorching satire,
The Free Speech Zone, a psychedelic Dada/techno opera, is a scathing
condemnation of the American government’s quest for world domination.
And if you are a fan of George Bush well you gotta admit that this
piece has some seriously amazing montage effects that only kasumi can
deliver - a must see regardless of your politics!


The Blackchair Collection is also please to announce that we are now
selling London's ADDICTIVE TV DVDs from the MOONSHINE LABEL.

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