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Brigid Duffy (
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 07:55:20 -0800

If Films is using the same system we have used for making DVDs (burning
them on an iMac, which records in DVD -R) they won't play on all
machines, particularly on some older DVD players.

Unfortunately there is no magic solution for this; no format plays on
all machines. Check DVD Demystified at

Newer machines play all formats, but no luck on older ones (and some
low-cost models).

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On Monday, March 22, 2004, at 02:49 PM, Frank Haulgren wrote:

> We have recently encountered at least 3 titles purchased on DVD from
> Films For the Humanities which appear to be defective.
> 1 - Beethoven : The Composer as Hero (Would not play in any of
> various
> makes and models of DVD players we tried. FFH sent us a replacement and
> it also would not play. Tech support at FFH asked that the second be
> returned directly to them.)
> 2 - Back From Madness (First time out the faculty member reported she
> tried three players and could not get the disk to run. We were able to
> run it on one of our newer players but need to feel that faculty will
> be
> able to use it outside of the library.)
> 4 - King Lear (Out only twice - disk appears to be in excellent shape
> and yet users complain about skipping and freezing - which we
> confirmed.)
> Our acquisitions manage has spoken to various folks at FFH - including
> someone from tech support - who suggest that these are isolated
> incidents and that they will replace the disks (note they've already
> replaced one of the above without any improvement in performance).
> I am wondering if anyone else on the list has experienced issues like
> this recently with Films For the Humanities DVDs?
> Frank Haulgren
> Media and Microforms
> Wilson Library
> Western Washington University
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