[Videolib] Defective On Arrival

Frank Haulgren (Frank.Haulgren@wwu.edu)
Mon, 22 Mar 2004 14:49:39 -0800

We have recently encountered at least 3 titles purchased on DVD from
Films For the Humanities which appear to be defective.

1 - Beethoven : The Composer as Hero (Would not play in any of various
makes and models of DVD players we tried. FFH sent us a replacement and
it also would not play. Tech support at FFH asked that the second be
returned directly to them.)

2 - Back From Madness (First time out the faculty member reported she
tried three players and could not get the disk to run. We were able to
run it on one of our newer players but need to feel that faculty will be
able to use it outside of the library.)

4 - King Lear (Out only twice - disk appears to be in excellent shape
and yet users complain about skipping and freezing - which we

Our acquisitions manage has spoken to various folks at FFH - including
someone from tech support - who suggest that these are isolated
incidents and that they will replace the disks (note they've already
replaced one of the above without any improvement in performance).

I am wondering if anyone else on the list has experienced issues like
this recently with Films For the Humanities DVDs?

Frank Haulgren
Media and Microforms
Wilson Library
Western Washington University

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