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James Scholtz (
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Hi Karen, Well, I understand the dilemma but it shouldn't be any different
that weeding the print collection. The efficient utilization of space vs.
what is used and what is needed are the key concerns here. I guess I'd
talk to the director in terms of the print collection - are you weeding
books on these subjects as well? Are these subjects requested and going
out? (do you keep a not in/not owned list of requested titles/subjects - do
you link selection to ILL requests?). The purpose of any library
collection is different than the "Barnes & Noble" bookstore
approach. While libraries should stock the popular items, additionally
they should stock/keep out-of-print stuff, hard-to-find stuff that isn't
necessarily super popular - that includes older PC manuals (no one would
ever be able to find them otherwise). The other consideration is purpose
of your collection. Is the purpose of your video collection different than
the print collection? Is it only to provide entertainment/infotainment -
ephemeral materials? Also - I've noticed that a lot of the videos on PC
utilization (yes, even the video professor stuff) - isn't really that good
- and is difficult to use. Most of the time, the VCR and the PC aren't in
the same room and FF, REW and PAUSE don't work very well - taking notes is
copious. Personally, I find that the Cd-ROM lessons from Video Prof. and
others are more suited toward self-learning. Hope this information
helps. Jim S.

At 03:23 PM 3/22/2004 +0000, you wrote:
> My director has decided that certain sections of our video collections of
>too old. He decided that anything with a copyright date of 1998 or earlier
>in the computer videos, medical videos and all of the 500's (sciences) needs
>to go.
> This means all my Windows 95, Windows 87 and Microsoft 97 videos go, even
>though some people are still using these programs. I still have Windows 95
>on my work computer.
> In the 500s, some examples of what I have to get rid of are the World of
>Chemistry (Annenberg-1990,) Mechanical Universe (Annenberg-1985-1987,) the DK
>Eyewitness series, the DK Amazing Animals series, Bill Nye the Science Guy
>and most of our National Geographics. Then we are supposed to replace these
>with more recent videos, if there is a need for that subject.
> I just started going throught the medical stuff, but a lot of it is from
>1996-1998, and the companies are still selling most of it (Films for the
>Humanities and Sciences especially.) He's concerned about bad medical advice
>in old videos, but a lot of them are documentaries or offer basic
>information--like dental care, why the sun is bad for your skin, breast
>self-examination, etc.
>Any advice anyone can offer would be helpful.
>Karen Fischer
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