[Videolib] Weeding of videos-help!

Karen Fischer (Karen_Fischer@freenet.richland.oh.us)
22 Mar 2004 15:23:12 GMT

My director has decided that certain sections of our video collections of
too old. He decided that anything with a copyright date of 1998 or earlier
in the computer videos, medical videos and all of the 500's (sciences) needs
to go.
This means all my Windows 95, Windows 87 and Microsoft 97 videos go, even
though some people are still using these programs. I still have Windows 95
on my work computer.
In the 500s, some examples of what I have to get rid of are the World of
Chemistry (Annenberg-1990,) Mechanical Universe (Annenberg-1985-1987,) the DK
Eyewitness series, the DK Amazing Animals series, Bill Nye the Science Guy
and most of our National Geographics. Then we are supposed to replace these
with more recent videos, if there is a need for that subject.
I just started going throught the medical stuff, but a lot of it is from
1996-1998, and the companies are still selling most of it (Films for the
Humanities and Sciences especially.) He's concerned about bad medical advice
in old videos, but a lot of them are documentaries or offer basic
information--like dental care, why the sun is bad for your skin, breast
self-examination, etc.
Any advice anyone can offer would be helpful.
Karen Fischer

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