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I agree. It's become much harder to collect these days. I had a patron
today who wanted Empires: The Medici: Godfathers of the
Renaissance (PBS $24.98). She wanted us to buy it on VHS, but I know it
won't go
out on VHS. How do I buy an excellent title like this on VHS when
I know that the DVD will check out and the VHS will sit on the shelf?
All I know is I am desperately seeking new titles on DVD on such
subjects as ecology, conservation, the heart, the digestive system,
lungs, respiratory, natural resources and billiards, of course at a
good price. Difficult decisions indeed. :-)

Carol Dunn
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There is no easy, quick answer to this question. It would depend on many
things, demand for a title/topic, how it fits into a specific library's
collection, will it circ? is it a classic? and so on. Collection
development is a complicated beast.

Two factors that are impacting my own collection decisions are the rising
costs of dvds - a title which cost us 15-19$ 5 years ago in vhs, costs $30
today. And related to that are the dwindling public library budgets
-thanks to the republicans in power! These factors are negatively
affecting not only media collections but paper collections too. Public
libraries, at least in NY state, are suffering from massive budget cuts.
We are being forced into re-evaluating our services and collections on all

I WOULD pay $39.95 for Amacord, I probably would be more reluctant to pay
it for a new age/psych title - dependent of course on those conditions I
already mentioned AND Because my library has a well respected foreign
language feature film collection, whereas the demand for psych/new age is
not as great. But at $40 bucks a pop, I'm buying less and less and having
to make very difficult decisions.

Hope this helps?

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
447 So Salina St
Syracuse NY  13202

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