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Don't feel bad Carleton, I sent in my response over 30 minutes ago and
it still hasn't posted. (smile)
I guess it depends on the university's server--spring break--slower
service? Hee hee hee. --Mo

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Wow, I NEVER get to be first on these.

"The Girl Most Likely" starring Stockard Channing.


Elise Vidal wrote:

> Can anyone tell me the name of this movie? It was forward to me from a
patron and I quote:
> "I am trying to find the name of an old 70's movie. It
was about a young woman who's boyfreind broke up with her because she
was fat. She got hit by a car and was in the hospital and lost all of
her fat weight. When she got out, she got revenge on the boyfriend and I
think her old boss who was female. She seduced the boyfriend (he didn't
recognize her) and then she drowned him in a shower that she had rigged
up in a hotel or apartment somewhere. I think she burned her old boss. "
> Thank you any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Elise Vidal
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> Las Cruces, New Mexico
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