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For me there is no specific price-it depends on the title and how popular I
think it might be here.

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Ok now I need to pick your brains
We are having an internal debate on the price point for a few upcoming
releases. The vast majority of our DVDs are priced at $29.95 retail with a
few less and VERY few (double dvd sets ) more. In general we discount 25%
to 30% on a NEW release when ordered from us directly
Now we have a few upcoming releases that are considered a little more
"academic" in nature but also have a very loyal hard core following among
individuals interested in psychiatry and new age issue.
There is some pressure to price a them a bit higher than usual say $39.95 as
we think it unlikely they would have much interest to retail stores and that
the loyal audience of both individuals & academics would be willing to pay
a bit more.
My question is mainly to PUBLIC librarians who I know are much more price
sensitive. Is their really a specific price point you would adhere to or
does it depend on the title. Criterion for instance prices many of its best
classics at $39.95 and I can't believe people are not buying things like

Bottom line is that we would be more than happy to sell more copies at the
lower price but since there maybe fewer retail stores carrying this sort
of thing for rental it awfully hard for us to judge the Public Library
interest in Psychiatric/ New Age titles

This is a LONG explanation and it might be best for people to e mail me
OFF list just to keep down on clutter but either is ok with me

Jessica Rosner
Kino International
333 W 39th St. 503
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