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Susan Weber (
Thu, 18 Mar 2004 11:52:24 -0800

Despite what Gary says, some of us live in Canada, where our copyright
laws require us to have Public Performance Rights for classroom use.

I am certainly fed up with the price gauging that we experience because
of our laws -especially when I see public libraries with member numbers
that are fifty or more times what some of our small & medium-size
educational institutions have. Yet the PL's can purchase home use
but our schools & colleges have to spend the bucks to buy PPR.

Then there's the lending rights issue: site only or lending price.
Why is there a price differential? What do they think libraries do?

It's refreshing to see and hear from Joel that Microcinema's motivation
is to get their product out, viewed, and appreciated.
Too bad more companies don't see it this way.
Yes, they have to survive, pay the rent, the staff, the overhead.
I'm sympathetic to the business side of the industry. I just think
that s-o-m-e distributors have gone too far.


At 09:22 AM 2004-03-18, you wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>I would like to hear your honest opinion/feedback about a topic which
>is very relevant to all of us: Public Performance Rights license fees.
>We launched our Blackchair DVD Collection in mid December. We service
>direct to consumer and retail, but we also are gaining a very strong
>client base in the educational/institutional markets.
>We distribute FOUR titles on DVD where the Retail price and the PPR
>price are exactly the same ($25-$30 depending on the title). This
>pricing structure was demanded by the producers of the DVD's who
>intentionally wanted to keep the price fair so the works could be
>accessible across the board.
>Furthermore, we have a couple of titles with a PPR of $50, only $20
>over the SRP.
>finally, we have a few titles with a PPR of around $60-$75 or $30-$50
>over SRP.
>Here's what we are seeing - there has been a HUGE (!) rush by
>educators/librarians to buy the low priced titles. The second most
>popular purchases are the ones that around $50 and the third most
>popular are those around the $75 range.
>The titles we have at $100-$125 barely sell at all.
>So we are experiencing a very obvious trend here, and it has got us
>wondering if we should be talking to all of our producers/labels about
>LOWERING their pricing, and/or putting a cap on their PPR pricing.
>Three possible scenarios:
>1. keep PPR and SRP the same.
>2. Whatever the SRP, add on a flat $25 for PPR license
>3. Similar to #2, whatever the SRP, simply bump the PPR up to a $50.00
>I would very much like to hear your honest input about this because I
>am also hearing from librarians who are buying our lower priced
>product a great sigh of relief and a big THANK YOU for offering titles
>at an affordable rate.
>Thank you for your consideration.
>Joel S. Bachar, Founder
>Microcinema International
>531 Utah Street, San Francisco, CA 94110, USA
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