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> Subject: [Videolib] Copyright Authority
> Hello,
> At the University of Minnesota Libraries we are planning to implement
> standards and policy for copyright and fair use. (Finally!) One of the
> administrative issues we're dealing with is vesting authority for resolving
> disputes between users and staff. Sometimes these tensions are the result of
> reasonable disagreement about fair use. Frontline staff here can always refer
> these matters to their managers, but the managers have no one to refer to,
> other than the Office of the General Counsel. At least, now, with the new
> standards and policy in place I'll be able to appeal to these when Prof. Jones
> wants me to make a copy of "Nowhere in Africa" and disagrees with me that
> doing so would be an infringement. But, if Prof. Jones wants to pursue the
> matter beyond me, I haven't anyone in the library to refer her to. Next up in
> the chain of escalation is the OGC, and they don't want to be bothered by this
> sort of quibbling.

Well you could always refer them to Zeitgeist since they own the film

Just kidding


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