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<> National Internet2 Day
<> Internet2 and ESnet Peering Upgrade
<> International Update
<> Middleware Update
<> End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) Update
<> Applications Update
<> Abilene Update
<> Internet2 K20 Initiative Update
<> New Internet2 Members
<> Internet2 Related Events

<> National Internet2 Day - 18 March 2004
Mark your calendar for the first-ever virtual National Internet2 Day on
Thurs., March 18 -- the first two hours will be broadcast in HDTV! This
daylong netcast event will feature a series of virtual presentations and
demonstrations across several disciplines as well as a jazz performance
event. National Internet2 Day will demonstrate the value of your
institution's investment in Internet2, share the potential and reality
of advanced network applications, and generate additional awareness of
Internet2 capabilities across our member community. Additionally, more
than 35 Internet2 member university campuses are participating in this
virtual event by hosting local National Internet2 Day activities, with
presentations by campus-based faculty to complement the netcast national
speakers. For more information including the latest agenda of topics
and speakers, visit: http://events.internet2.edu/2004/Internet2Day/

<> Internet2 and ESnet Peering Upgrade
Internet2 and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) are making peering
between the national lab and research university communities more robust
by upgrading the three connections in Sunnyvale, Calif. (OC12c to
OC48c), Chicago (OC12c to OC48c) and New York (1 GigE to 10 Gbps at
ManLan). Additionally, Internet2 and ESnet are adding a peering point in
Atlanta. With the upgrades already complete in Sunnyvale and Chicago,
the complete upgrade is expected by the summer of 2004. As a result,
users will be able to conduct high-speed transmission control protocol
(TCP) flows - in excess of 900 Mbps -- between Abilene and ESnet on a
regular basis. For more information about domestic peer networks,
visit: http://abilene.internet2.edu/peernetworks/domestic.html

<> International Update
+ Special International Workshop: Extending the Reach of Advanced
+ Networking
Following the Spring Member Meeting, on 22 April, Internet2 is hosting
an international workshop, "Extending the Reach of Advanced Networking."
The aim of this workshop is to bring together international partners and
members of the Internet2 community with a number of individuals from
various development, aid and science agencies in Washington, DC and
elsewhere. During the workshop, we hope to discuss opportunities for
collaboration and to highlight projects and approaches from the research
and education networking community on getting to and addressing the
challenges in places where advanced networking is still needed. For more
information, please contact Ana Preston <apreston@internet2.edu>.

<> Middleware Update
+ Shibboleth
Shibboleth 1.1 is successfully in use at Penn State University for
students registering for Napster 2.0 Premium Service. To view the press

Upcoming Shibboleth release - Shibboleth v1.2 is expected to be released
in March, and it will be backwards compatible with v1.1. Major changes
include support of Apache 2.x and IIS 6 as target platforms, and the
introduction of multi-federation support.

The UK Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) Call for Projects in
Core Middleware has named Shibboleth as one of its areas of emphasis.
This reflects the impact Shibboleth is having on current and future IT
architectures across the R&E community, internationally as well as in
the US. Further examples of this include broad Shibboleth
implementations among the R&E sectors in Switzerland, Canada, Finland,
and Australia, among others. http://www.jisc.ac.uk/index.cfm?name=c01_04

+ NMI - Presentations at the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference
At the EDUCAUSE Midwest Regional Conference in Chicago on 21-23 April,
NMI-EDIT will feature both track and pre-conference sessions. Renee
Frost will present "Shibboleth: Federated Identity Management." And Joel
Cooper from Carleton College and Brendan Bellina from the University of
Notre Dame will lead a pre-conference seminar on "Enterprise
Directories: An Implementation Roadmap". For more information, refer to
the full program at: http://www.educause.edu/conference/mwrc/2004/

+ CAMP Directory Workshop: Proceedings Now Online
If you missed the CAMP Directory Workshop held last month in Tempe, AZ,
you can now review the proceedings online at:

+ Directories
The MACE-Dir Group's subgroup has identified the subset of components
and features defined in the Group Tools Architecture to be implemented
in version 1 of the Grouper package. A roadmap for production of version
1 is almost finalized. Contributed implementations of some of the other
components are being solicited from member institutions. Campuses
contemplating adoption of Grouper are also asked to participate by
critically assessing the detailed specifications that are now being
developed. http://middleware.internet2.edu/dir/

<> End-to-End Performance Initiative (E2Epi) Update
+ E2E piPEs (End-to-End Performance Initiative Performance Environment
E2Epi is deploying 2-3 measurement nodes for a demonstration that
involves interoperability between E2E piPEs and MonALISA (Monitoring
Agents using a Large, Integrated Services Architecture) and uses CERN as
an endpoint. The demonstration will be presented at two workshops at
CERN in March. For more information on MonALISA, see:

+ OWAMP/BWCTL (One-Way Active Measurement Protocol/Bandwidth Control)
As follow-up to discussions at the Joint Techs Workshop, team members
arranged to have BWCTL deployed in Japan/Korea (for a Japanese
professor) and also at the Japanese NOC; BWCTL and OWAMP deployed at
Onsala (Sweden) and Haystack (Massachusetts), and on GEANT (in between);
BWCTL and OWAMP deployed at 2+ locations (edge and inside) at the Ohio,
North Carolina, and San Diego ITECs. For information on OWAMP, see:
http://e2epi.internet2.edu/owamp/; for information on BWCTL, see:

+ Internet2 Technology Evaluation Centers (ITECs) Activity Reports
Activity Reports for the four ITECs (ITEC Ohio, North Carolina ITEC, San
Diego ITEC, and Texas A&M Voice over IP ITEC) are now online at:

<> Applications Update
+ Applications in Action at the 2004 National Internet2 Day
The National Internet2 Day on 18 March 2004 will feature several
applications-related presentations and demonstrations. A collaboration
technologies overview will highlight ongoing activities in the Internet2
Commons and in the integrated communications and connectivity arena. A
presentation on Case Western Reserve University's MediaVision courseware
"Enhancing Education Using Streaming Technology" will also feature a
live demonstration of this application in use in the classroom. A set
of presentations on science and research will include an overview of
applications of advanced networking to eVLBI (Electronic Transmission of
Very Long Baseline Interferometry), high energy and nuclear physics, and
earthquake engineering. A segment on using Internet2 to teach will
feature case studies on uses of distance learning and remote
instrumentation in the classroom. A live jazz performance will provide
a musical interlude between sessions, while demonstrating the potential
of advanced networking in delivering live performance events. The
National Internet2 Day will conclude with a performing arts panel
discussion featuring topics such as producing remote master classes,
presenting multi-site performances, and providing educational outreach
in the arts and humanities. Several of these applications have been
featured recently on the Internet2 web site. To learn more about some
of these upcoming presentations, refer to the following web page:

+ Looking at Science Through New Eyes: NSF and AAAS Launch Second
Visualization Challenge
Scientists generally aim to draw the "big picture" of a phenomenon using
underlying patterns from disparate data. But that big picture more often
than not emerges as a jumble of lines and dots on a graph,
unintelligible to the average person, no matter how compelling the story
it is supposed to tell. To recognize excellence in using new media and
established graphic arts to convey the excitement of scientific
discovery, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the journal
Science, published by the American Association for the Advancement of
Science (AAAS), are co-sponsoring the second annual Science and
Engineering Visualization Challenge. This international contest
recognizes outstanding achievements by scientists, engineers,
visualization specialists and artists who are innovators in using visual
media to promote understanding of research results and scientific
phenomena. Submissions are due 31 May 2004:

+ Announcing ViDe Video Conferencing Cookbook, version 4
Since its initial availability in 1998, the ViDe Video Conferencing
Cookbook has provided sound and timely technical information in a useful
and user-friendly way to support the deployment of IP voice and video
conferencing, Version 4, now online, expands on this with the
introduction of specialized information for the K-12 community and the
initiation of the first translations of the Cookbook into different

For more details -
Announcement URL: http://www.vide.net/ViDe_Cookbook_v4_1.pdf
ViDe Web site: http://www.vide.net (announcement on main page; Cookbook
under "Projects")

+ ViDe Digital Video Workshop
Internet2 is a co-sponsored of the 6th SURA-ViDe Digital Video Workshop,
22-25 March 2004. For more information and registration see:

<> Abilene Update
+ New Sponsored Educational Group Participants (SEGPs)
The K20 Initiative is happy to welcome South Carolina, New Jersey, and
Maine as the newest additions to the Abilene SEGP program. There are
now 33 state networks connected to Abilene. Here is a link to a map
showing and complete list of current SEGPs:

<> Internet2 K20 Initiative Update
+ K20 Initiative FAQ
The Internet2 K20 Initiative has produced a new FAQ aimed at the K20
audience. Please send any feedback to Louis Fox <lfox@internet2.edu> or
James Werle <jwerle@u.washington.edu>.

<> New Internet2 Members
+ Corporate Members
Force 10 Networks - http://www.force10networks.com/
Thomson Corporation - http://www.thomson.com

+ Regular Members
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey -

<> Internet2 Related Events
+ Online Calendar
For a complete listing of events for and of interest to the Internet2
community, see the online Internet2 Calendar. Be sure the
Internet2-related event you are holding or know about is listed at:

+ Global Grid Forum
9-12 March
Berlin, Germany

+ Neuroscience Symposium - University of Pennsylvania
15 March
Philadelphia, PA

+ CENIC 2004 Annual Conference
15-17 March
Los Angeles, CA

+ 6th Annual SURA/ViDe Digital Video Workshop
22-25 March
Indianapolis, IN

+ Missouri Life Sciences Week 2004
5-9 April
Columbia, MO

+ Broadband Summit 2004
19-20 April
Washington, DC

+ Megaconference Junior
6 May
Virtual Event

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