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Fri, 12 Mar 2004 12:28:25 -0700

We use LC but use 1997 for the genre Drama, and the 1995.9s for Adventure, Comedy, Horror and so on but ours is an open stacks collection. I worked for 10 years at a public library which had closed stacks by accession number and it worked beautifully.


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>>> 03/12/04 11:03AM >>>
Hello, all,

We're looking to revise our call number scheme for a growing video collection at the University of
Pennsylvania. We're considering going from LC call numbers (how many PN1997s can you shelve accurately?) to accession
numbers. This is a closed stack collection, and I wanted to ask if anyone has any other clever call number schemes or
simple filing/retrieval strategies.

Thank you in advance for any and all comments.


Cathy Von Elm
Head of Circulation
Van Pelt Library
University of Pennyslvania
Philadelphia, PA 19104
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