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Blackchair DVD Recommends:

shorts! 15 Award-Winning Film Festival Shorts

Only for sale in the U.S. and Canada!

Catalog No. MC-211
2003, 140 minutes

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Closed Captioning for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired
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Showcasing the Best of World Cinema- Foreign, Independent, Documentary
& Short Films on DVD for film lovers of all ages...this first volume
features 15 award-winning short films from 4 different countries.

2-1/2 Hours of Award-Winning Short Films
4 Hours of Filmmaker Commentaries
Exclusive Updated Material Online. (Web Link via PC)
Closed Captioning for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

Films in Program

1. What's Wrong with This Picture? directed by Jeffrey Travis
United States, 2002, mini-DV, 00:01:58

A very short tragic film. Finalist in the 1st Triggerstreet.com Online
Short Film Festival, 2003. A seemingly idyllic afternoon for Aidan, a
three-year-old boy: cookies, Kool-aid and crayons.

2. Chinese Wall, The directed by Sytske Kok
Netherlands, Drama, 2002, 35mm, 00:10:20

Aagt (Celia Nufaar) is a lonely woman. Bruised by life. Her marriage
was a failure, she missed the love of her life, her only son stood up
against her, her daughter in law was a bitch and her husband died in
his chair.

3. Dreamscapes directed by Sean McBride
United States, Animation, 2002, 00:05:59

That we dream is common; how we dream is unique. For this project, a
collection of dreams were animated together, each in a different
style. People shared their personal dreams in interviews with the

4. In Absentia directed by James & Richard Kibbey & Heald
United Kingdom, Experimental, 2002, mini-DV, 00:05:59

Winner of the 1st Triggerstreet.com Online Short Film Festival, 2003.
In Absentia is an excursion into the precious last moments, feelings
and thoughts of a young person's life.

5. John and Mia directed by Christian Dyekjaer
Denmark, Drama, 2002, Super 16mm, 00:25:15

John seeks distraction from his lonely life as a truck driver with TV
dinners and his favorite videos. When an evening's viewing brings a
rude shock, John is forced out of his quiet routine, setting off on an
awkward quest.

6. World of Interiors directed by Bunny Schendler
United Kingdom, Animation, Comedy, 2001, 35mm, Dolby SR, 00:06:26

A darkly comic story about procrastination in which a man becomes
entangled in his own domestic web. His repeatedly unsuccessful
attempts to leave his flat eventually set off a series of chain

7. Dad's Dead directed by Chris Shepherd
United Kingdom, Music Video, Motion graphics / digital moving image,
Digital Beta, Color, Dolby SR, 00:06:39

a truly multi-award winning film: seven at the last count! a
compelling story of friendship, mischief and denial, told through
animated flashbacks. visually stunning, this short film fuses live
action and animation seamlessly.

8. Ready directed by Savina Dellicour
United Kingdom, Drama, 2002, 35mm, 00:18:43

Naomi has known all her life that she will succumb to the same fate
that has befallen her family for generations.

9. Tenth directed by Matt Kovalakides
United States, Drama, 2002, mini-DV, 00:03:45

Winner of the 1st Triggerstreet.com Online Short Film Festival 2003.
Chance encounters, random acts, and the strangers who drift in and out
of our lives.

10. Pishadoo directed by Alessandro Riccini Ricci
United States, Unknown genre ID of 0, 1999, 16mm, 00:22:07

Cousins Marco Ricci and Michael Canzoniero's award-winning short film
Pishadoo is the comedic story of a young man who struggles to learn
the family business. (The term Pishadoo is Italian/American slang for
a "botched haircut).

11. Sleep directed by Matthew Thompson
United Kingdom, Drama, 2002, Super 16mm, 00:10:02

Winner of the 1st Triggerstreet.com Online Short Film Festival 2003.
Who can you turn to when no-one can help? 26-year-old Arthur has just
found out he's dying.

12. Fish Never Sleep directed by Gaelle Denis
United Kingdom, Animation, 2002, 2D on computer, painter and after
effect drawing, 00:06:20

Animator Gaelle Denis creates the captivatingly illustrated tale of
Naoko. A complete insomniac, she muses wearily over fish bowls, sushi,
and the vast fish market near her Tokyo home to the puzzling question:
why do fish never sleep?

13. Coda directed by Kitao & Andrew Sakurai & Spirk
United Kingdom, Drama, 2001, 35mm/mini - DV, 10:29:00

A single violent incident becomes an apocalyptic catalyst in the lives
of five prep school boys, disfiguring each emotionally. The incident
also serves as the springboard for the film's fragmented structure...

14. Non-Abductees Anonymous directed by Philip Powell
United States, Comedy, 2002, 16mm, 00:04:46

Finalist in the 1st Triggerstreet.com Online Short Film Festival 2003.
The goings-on at a support group for people who have NEVER been
abducted by aliens.

15. Earthquake directed by James Brett
United Kingdom, Comedy, 2001, DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:01:50

Earthquake! run for the hills you fools, run for the hills!

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