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New Map Showing WV’s Many Filmmakers Posted


By Steve Fesenmaier

I have been making maps showing where WV’s many films have been made,
ranging from early educational documentaries in Wheeling down to
snake-handling films in Jolo, McDowell County out to “Pudden’head
Wilson,” made on location in Harper’s Ferry in the 1980s. This year I
have again updated my WV filmmaker’s map, partially using the West
Virginia Film Office’s brand-new production guide and other resources.

I also added several organizations that show independent, foreign, WV,
and other kinds of films. The West Virginia International Film
Festival, who I co-founded in 1984, the Marshall Film Series, the Star
Theater in Morgan County, and the Opera House in Shepherdstown are the
oldest alternative film theaters. There is of course the Robey Theater
in Spencer, the oldest continuous film theater in the US. I also put in
the Pocahontas County Free Libraries in Marlinton since they have been
showing many WV films there at the library and at their newly restored
Opera House. The most interesting alt theater in the Lascaux
Micro-Theater in Buckhannon, showing digital films in a 40-seat theater
specially designed for maximum quality of sound and image.

Revisions will be made to the map as time permits. I purposively did NOT
include everyone that is in the WV Film Office production guide – the
map would look too cluttered. Maps show at one look how much activity is
really going on inside our Mountain State – a great deal!

Thanks to Judy Teaford and AppLit for posting this map and all of the
many filmographies and articles I have written during the last
half-decade. People all over the world, ranging from natives of
Campbell’s Creek to Lars von Trier, one of the world’s greatest living
filmmakers, have used AppLit, often to contact me about acquiring the
hundreds of films that have been made about the state and region. In my
opinion, the website is the single most important result of my 25 years
in West Virginia.

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