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Mon, 08 Mar 2004 12:52:53 -0500

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Daniel Boyd’s 25th Anniversary

One of WV’s leading filmmakers will be celebrating his quarter century
of making films in May 2004. He began shooting his first film, "Homeless
Brother" in May 1979. He graduated from WVU and then attended grad
school at the University of Arkansas where he worked under novelist and
screen writer William Harrison, best known for writing “Rollerball.” (
The film was remade unsuccessfully in 2002.) He headed back to WV, first
working in Southern WV where he made “Coal Dust, Fairy Dust” (his
funniest film) and co-directed “Solitaire”(1983) with Bill Hogan, now
president of Image Associates. He was interviewed for his current
position at WVSC by David Wohl in my office in the Cultural Center (I
forgot why) and has been directing and producing films ever since. He
directed his first feature, “Chillers” in 1988. He has become the Marco
Polo of WV filmmaking, traveling the world, teaching filmmaking in
Africa, bringing Russian students to the US, and the rest is history.
He has become an irreplaceable part of West Virginia film history. I
wish that many more West Virginians had seen his many films – I did my
best to promote them. He has helped virtually everyone inside the state
see that the impossible is possible – West Virginians can make their own
feature films. Congrats to the West Virginia Filmmaker of the Year 2003
– I expect his next 25 years to be even better – both for him as a
filmmaker and film teacher and for the people of the state who enjoy his

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