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Hi Jeff (et al.)

Here in Berkeley, we are--how you say?--all-inclusive (to a fault,
sometimes): we pretty much collect anything that looks good and that has
expressed or potential use in teaching and research. God bless
and and all the other other little Euro-grubbing amazons out
there. We've bought a handful of region-free players for MRC...and that
works fine as far as it goes. The rub, of course, is when this stuff goes
out (or tries to go out) for classroom use. Since I am (thank the gods of
media) not responsible for classroom equipment, there's really nothing I
can do except fume and plead. So far, I don't think there are any
code-free machines in classrooms.


At 11:45 AM 3/2/2004, you wrote:
>Currently my dept. has not committed to collecting DVDs that
>are non-US (Region 1) or not region coded (so-called "Region
>0"). But I'm considering the pros and cons of doing so.
>Who among you in the U.S. actively collects these DVDs as
>part of your collection? And have you made adjustments in
>your service policy and procedures for handling them?
>Any details would be welcome. And I'm sure many on the list
>would be interested, so I won't ask you to reply directly to
>me unless you'd prefer that.
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