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We put the barcode on the front outside of the CD and DVD paper cover, but
we also put a ring with the barcode number around the center hole of the
disc. The labels and printer are Dymo products (LabelWriter and CD/DVD Core
Labels: 320 labels per $12 roll. We don't put any other
labeling on the discs anymore. Patrons complain that as the player's speeds
have increased the labels add to stability and reading problems. The
center/core ring will fall under the clamp that holds the disc in place as
it spins. We've been using this system for a year now without problems.
And the core label barcode number helps to identify the disc with the

Michael Nitz

Michael L. Nitz
Head, Technical Services
Appleton (WI) Public Library
920-832-6184 / / 920-832-6182 (fax)

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Do any of you put these barcodes on the inside of CD and DVD boxes? Can
anyone thing of a disadvantage in doing so? Our students do not always
verify the contents of returns, inspite of numerous reminders {aka nagging},
and the library system doesn't keep last borrower. We end up with empty
boxes and no way to retrieve the contents.

Many thanks.


Patricia B. McGee
Coordinator of Media Services
University Library
Tennessee Technological University
Cookeville, TN 38501

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