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We're a public library, but we do include a date due card with each title.
On a few occasions, parent checking out a larger number of titles might
tell us to only give her 1 card for the bunch, since the kids will find and
destroy the others, or lose them, or whatever.

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hi everyone...

well, i just came from our faculty library meeting
where we discussed whether faculty should indeed be
fined or abolish all faculty fines --and thanks to the
many of you who answered my question a few weeks back,
I was able to say that many universities do fine

they backed off, but one thing that did come up was to
put a "date due slip" on the video/dvd etc. What do
you guys do about this? we've always just told them
verbally, but the faculty group is thinking that maybe
it needs to be more you include slips
inside the case? or what?

Rhonda Rosen
Loyola Marymount University

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