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Katherine Mcgivern (
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:03:19 -0500

We just did an A/V weeding project. First we removed all 16mm films and
3/4" U-matic materials. Yes, we did still have those! Then, since we use
Innovative, we were able to make lists of materials with little or no
use and materials over 10 years old. Anything created in-house was
removed to the campus archives. The rest was checked over first for
sound and visual quality and then for content. Individual department
heads were contacted and asked to review some items that we weren't sure

We ended up removing quite a few items just because of the deterioration
of the materials.

Kate McGivern
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Subject: [Videolib] Re: Average shelf life for av materials

Hi all,

We are trying to formulate some weeding guidelines centered on the
shelf life of audiovisual materials. If anyone has established
they would be willing to share it would be most appreciated.


Keely Morrison
Baltimore County Public Library
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