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The Blackchair DVD Collection recommends:

URBAN VISIONS - an urban odyssey experienced through 11 short

This compilation on DVD brings together experimental films from young
and undiscovered artists from London, Paris, New York, Helsinki, Milan
and other international urban centers. What all of these films have in
common is the search for a new visual language in sync the rhythm of
the city.

Copyright 2003. 91 minutes. $75.00 with Public Performance Rights.
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Films include:

1. Push directed by Gorka Aguado
Spain, Experimental, 2001, DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:14:23
On/Off, On/Off, On/Off – this is the urban rhythm of PUSH by the
Spanish film-maker Gorka Aguado. Through the use of switches, buttons,
and handles from ordinary objects like microwaves, stereos, cars,
doors, and toilets, Gorka has succeeded in choreographing a mechanical
dance of daily routines. The different forms, textures, and colors are
superimposed to reveal the richness and variety of these objects that
almost unconsciously make up our daily lives.

2. One Last Thing directed by Hilton Earl
United Kingdom, Drama, 2001, 16mm, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:05:17
A night in London accompanied by a free jazz solo. Hilton Earl’s
camera follows the late-night walk of one of its habitants that shares
with us his love of London, its ambiance, its frivolity, and its
people. He observes. Then he observes himself and confides in us his
questions on the meaning of life. Isn’t life but a moment, unique
amongst others, a pause between other moments, a moment like no other
with death as an inevitability? This film, in 16 mm, is Hilton Earl’s
first in which he succeeds in brushing in a lot of style and poetry.

3. Fausse Solitude directed by Pierre-Yves Cruaud
France, Experimental, 2000, mini DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:05:40
Who has never felt lost in a crowd? Who has never questioned their own
identity through the anonymity of the city streets? In FAUSSE SOLITUDE
Pierre-Yves Cruaud lets himself go in an urban merry-go-round until he
reaches dizziness. With the camera fixed on the image of his face, he
pulls us into his solitude. Accompanied by electronic noises created
by the film-maker himself, the different urban images are presented as
a circular wall surrounding Pierre-Yves, faster and faster, to give us
a feel for the crushing pressure of speed that is part of every modern
city. The film is almost a physical phenomenon in itself as the pain
and stress of the fast-paced reality of urban life seems to be

4. Der Letzte Flug directed by Lombardi Clan
Germany, Drama, 1999, 16mm, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:11:00
>From the beginning the Lombardi-Clan had the intent of adapting a real
story to film with DER LETZTE FLUG (THE LAST FLIGHT) as its
result. “Please come to 8 Richter Stein Street. Someone tried to climb
onto the balcony and fell. “ The drama of this story is given away at
the very beginning of the film. In an apartment building in Nuremberg,
Germany, a night amongst four young adults has just begun.

5. Pako directed by Nosfe
Finland, Experimental, 2001, DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:01:30
Everyone needs to be free, even if the cost of this freedom is high –
this is the message that Nosfe, a young Finnish film-maker delivers
via his short film PAKO completed in 2001. This rebellious work
captivates us through a succession of provocative slogans that
accompany a rapid flow of images of Helsinki.

6. Hi-Fi directed by Sean Baker
United States, Drama, Documentary, 2001, 16mm, Color, Magnetic Stereo,
A car drives through the streets and tunnels of New York City. On
board, four teenagers talk, play, and flirt. An innocent joyride
amongst friends? Right away the viewer understands that this is not
just simple fun as the drugs get in the way…

7. Novanta directed by GG Tarantola
Italy, Animation, 2001, DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:12:00
NOVANTA is an animated short produced and written by the Italian
artist GG Tarantola. And inspired by the number 90 bus in Milan.
NOVANTA aims to illustrate a bus ride in order to make us experience
some of the everday aspects of urban life including traffic,
accidents, school kids, office, crowds, and ticket inspectors. The
artist paints a unique portrait of daily life in the city through this
funny and outright bizarre animation mixes skin textures and textile
fabrics with abstract black and white drawings. Supported by an
experimental soundtrack invoking conversations, noises, traffic, and
all sort of urban sounds, NOVANTA takes into the ambiance of the city
Italian style.

8. When the Floor Became the Ceiling directed by Rudolf Buitendach
South Africa, Drama, 2001, DV, Color, Magnetic Stereo, 00:06:03
An encounter between a man and his upstairs neighbor… In between shots
of whiskey and lines of coke, a young man tries to learn some lines
for his audition the next morning when he hears sounds of lovemaking
from the floor above. A few knocks of the broom against the ceiling to
calm things down and then the neighbor comes knocking at the door. The
finally meet. Will it lead to neighborly conflict?
9. Raus Aus Seinen Kleidern directed by Corinna Schnitt
Germany, Experimental, Art Installation, 1998, 16mm, Color, Magnetic
Stereo, 00:07:50
"In fact, I find it very important to be well in one’s clothes that’s
why I wear my clothes only once, unless I've had a very good day which
I want to remember, in this case I will sometimes wear things longer
but after 2 days I wear new clothes that are all fresh." And so
created by the German artist Corinna Schnitt in 1999. Here she
presents us the relfections of a young woman on her balcony shaking
her laundry. The private thoughts of this woman are drowned in her own
delirium which is accentuated and framed in by film’s repetitive
imagery. The camera slowly zooms out to reveal the urban decor in
which the film was made. The anonymous facades of the surrounding
apartment blocks pushes us to imagine that behind each one of these
buildings hides a collection of unique lifestyles and thoughts. The
artist brings this to light through a strange and almost sad sense of

10. Promenaux directed by Stefano Canapa
Italy, Experimental, 0, 16mm, B&W, Magnetic Stereo, 00:11:00
Despite the stress and anguish associated with living in the city, as
a place it remains a inexhaustible source of inspiration for those who
take the time to walk around and observe. Here Stefano Canapa delivers
a poetic panorama of Paris with his short film, PROMENAUX. The film-
maker takes us on foot, via metro, and bus through the city of light
to capture some unique images. At first it’s just a take on reality, a
game of observation amongst an anonymous crowd. Then it’s a strange
night fall with words from Rimbaud with the search for new images
becoming primordial. In the morning we discover a fascinating reality,
a space without limits, fluctuating in a dreamlike state.

11. Strip Mall Trilogy - Part 1 directed by Roger Beebe
United States, Experimental, 0, 16 mm, Color, 00:03:00
Part 1 in a series of city symphonies that attempt to liberate form
and color from the sprawling consumerist landscape of postmodern

Copyright 2003. 91 minutes. $75.00 with Public Performance Rights.
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