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Hi Peter,

We have a nifty new product from Azuradisc that will test the data on discs.
It's called the i Scann. One of its big pluses is the speed at which it
checks the data. integrity. You can read about it at:

We are very happy with it. We also use their disc buffing machine, the
model 1600, and it has saved us much time and $$$

Regards, Paul

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Springfield-Greene County Library District (Missouri)
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Dear videolibbers,

we are searching for test software to check
CD-Audio/CD-ROM/DVD-Video/DVD-ROM discs whose correct function has been
complained by patrons. We want to test the files of these discs quickly
before sending them to a private firm that removes scratches. We want to
avoid time consuming tests on CD- and DVD-players.

Does there exist a software for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives that can be
recommended for this purpose?

One tip we have already got is CD-Check

Many thanks in advance!

Peter Delin/Videolektorat
Zentral- und Landesbibliothek Berlin
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