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Lori Stevens (STEVENLO@uvsc.edu)
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 09:57:29 -0700

I started our media collection from scratch five years ago. We now have about 7500 titles serving 24,000 students and faculty. We have always had open stacks for media items, with losses due to theft averaging 2/year for VHS, and 7 for DVDs.

We have a polyester do-nut label that goes over the center of the DVD hubs and then use the 3m overlays on top of that. I notified all of the second hand shops in the area that we do not sell our used circulated media items and if they show up in their shops they should be treated as stolen items.

We replace on average 9 VHS tapes/yr and 4 discs/yr because of damage/wear & tear , the failure is usually in the hub. I think the do-nut and the overlay help reinforce that somewhat along with the softer plastic cases we house and circulate them in. We run the discs through a disc washer if they look "goobered" when they come in. We have a guy locally who has a killer machine that buffs out deep scratches. He also puts on a spray protective coating before he returns them (his own recipe). Out of the 4 dozen I have sent him, he was able to fix all of them except for one that a toddler had chewed around the edges.

We also coat our new discs with Turtle paste wax (super hard shell car wax) a tip I picked up from the AMIA guys. That seems to have cut down on surface scratches

Items and sets over $300 have a label on the cover that says "Expensive Media" and the patron is advised at checkout that they need to use extra care with the item because they will be charged full replacement cost if it ends up lost or damaged due to neglect.

Rare items and those I have had to replace due to theft more than twice (Memento comes to mind here...) go on permanent reserve and patrons have to ask for them and return them to the reserve desk.

If faculty have a titles they want to use for classes, they can place them on reserve for up to one semester and they have a 2hour check out in house or classroom use only.

The system seems to work pretty well for us, however you probably need to take into account that nearly 70% of our student population attends church services on a regular basis.

Lori Stevens
Media Librarian
Utah Valley State College Library
Orem, Utah 84058

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