Re: [Videolib] Security for Videos

Jerry Notaro (
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:18:35 -0500

> We also circulate on a limited basis, but keep the VHS and DVDs behind
> the Circ area. They are classified via LC, and the area is not for
> browsing. I have two questions to pose to the group
> 1. Do you barcode the DVD on the discs ? Or elsewhere?

Elsewhere. On the inside of the box. Though we do barcode our tapes to make
sure they are the correct titles being returned.

> 2. Do you find that DVDs, as opposed to VHS versions, hold up well in
> general use? (in other words are they cost effective?)

DVD's are much more affected by scratches and poor handling than cd's. Thus
there are more complaints about skips and non plays. Also, they get damaged
more often by patrons trying to snap them out of their holders improperly.
But considering the added value of DVD's, I think they are a wise library


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