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Barcoding on the disc itself may cause an inbalance and actually cause more
damage. We use
permanent marker in the hub for call # and use 3Ms double strip tattle tape
with mylar:

unless double-sided, then we use the hub security marker. While the hub is
not as effective, it is better than nothing and double-sided DVDs represent
a small portion of our collection. We have found the double strip to be more
effective in security and less damaging as the double strip provides

We have found DVDs to be more prone to damage, although still not a major
cost. VHS is still the preferred choice for most of our faculty for use in
the classroom--MARY

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We also circulate on a limited basis, but keep the VHS and DVDs behind
the Circ area. They are classified via LC, and the area is not for
browsing. I have two questions to pose to the group

1. Do you barcode the DVD on the discs ? Or elsewhere?
2. Do you find that DVDs, as opposed to VHS versions, hold up well in
general use? (in other words are they cost effective?)

Thank you,

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